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Maple Dog Treats

Beddy-Bye Pup Tea Time Cookie

Beddy-Bye Pup Tea Time Cookie

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Ingredient Substitutions

Made with calming lavender and chamomile blended into the dough, these bite sized tea cookies are a good treat for late nights or anytime you want!

Our treats are made upon order, not before, so they’ll be as fresh as possible when they make it to you!

Ingredient and allergen information: Lavender, chamomile, almond flour, apple sauce, coconut oil, egg

Disclaimer: A calming effect is not guaranteed for every dog!

If you or your pup are allergic to an ingredient, or require a substitution for a medical condition, we’re more than happy to make substitutions to your order. We want all dogs to be able to safely enjoy our treats! Simply select the needed substitution (where applicable), and we will reach out to you for more information.

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