Meet the Owners

Shelby and Raven are best friends from high school, and decided to start making their own dog treats at home when a couple of their dogs proved to be extremely picky. After seeing how well liked the treats were, Shelby decided to launch a small business with Raven's help - leading to the creation of Maple Dog Treats.

Founder and Co-Owner Shelby with Dog Eos Shelby Smith is a born and raised resident of small town South Georgia, and has been a dog lover her whole life. When her oldest dog, a Pekingese Pomeranian mix named Gaia, started losing teeth due to dental problems, Shelby started looking for treats that her old girl could still enjoy - only to find that none of the treats available were soft enough to be enjoyable! This led her to start making her own dog treats at home, which then inspired her to start the business.

Raven and Dog Achilles Raven Moore, much like Shelby, has been around and loved dogs her entire life. A recent addition to her home, a Stafford-shire Bull Terrier named Achilles, proved to be hard to find treats for - being a very picky pitty. So when Shelby decided to start making treats for her dogs, Raven admitted that it was something she had thought about for sometime as well! After some of Shelby's treats proved to be a hit with all five of their dogs, Shelby was more than welcome to invite Raven to start up the business with her!


Meet the Dogs!

Shelby's Dogs:

Shelby's Dog Gaia Gaia is a 12 year old Pekingese Pomeranian mix that has been with Shelby since high school. Despite losing most of her teeth to ongoing dental problems, the fluffy little diva continues to run the house like the princess she is!

Shelby's Dog Eos Eos is a 3 year old purebred German Shepard that Shelby raised from a puppy. Despite also being Shelby's registered service dog, Eos is a sassy teenager of a dog when she's not in work mode.

Shelby's Dog Helios Much like the picture suggests, Shelby's third dog Helios is a big ole mamma's boy. The 2 year old German Shepard is Eos's younger brother, and is another trained working dog in Shelby's household. He's fiercely protective of his mamma, and often tussles with his big sister when she's being sassy.

Raven's Dogs:

Raven's Dog Achilles This is Achilles, my one year Stafford Shire Pit Terrier. He is the sweetest and most pitiful pittie you could ever meet! He is spoiled rotten and is the pickiest pup around when it comes to treats. He was rescued as a puppy from a local Flea Market and has made everyday a joy since. He became a big brother early in 2022 to Azula, who is also a Blue Staffy. He's a trouble maker to the extreme, not for your house but fro momma and daddy! He enjoys playtime with daddy everyday outside with Azula and can't wait for momma to come home and play too. At bedtime he loves to cuddle in between and take over the bed as he is want to do ever since he was a tiny hand full of a puppy!

Raven's Dog Azula This is Azula. She is a nine month old Blue Staffy puppy and the little sister of Achilles. She may look sweet and innocent, but don't let that face fool you. Azula is very much the annoying little sister that everybody loves to hate and hates to love. She isn't as picky of an eater as Achilles, but if big brother doesn't like something then little sister won't touch it with a ten foot pole! She enjoys getting her zoomies out in the backyard while big brother chases her around. And cuddling up with momma and daddy.